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Here is a collection of links about stocks quote, futures, options, forex, commodity (Gold, Oil) & reviews. Mainly about Hong Kong stock market - Hang Seng Index, Hang Seng Futures, spot gold price and some links about world index and forex trade. There are also some good links about TA tutorials.

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Useful links for stock quote and index quote

Real Time Hang Seng Index, Crude Oil, Gold Price and forex                       
All in one index quote page. Includes Hang Seng Index, Nikkei, DOW, Nasdaq, S & P. Forex include GBP/USD, EUR/USD, even with Gold and Crude Oil price

Real time Stock Quote on HSI stocks (恒指成份股) / CEI stocks (國企成份股)               
Real time price quote for HSI Constituent stocks and CEI Constituent stocks.
For reference only, with 30 seconds delay.

Real time HK Stock Quote               
Real time price quote for hong kong stocks.

Another Real time HK Stock Quote (with TA Chart)               
Another Real time price quote for hong kong stocks, with intraday chart and daiy chart (Bollinger, RSI, KD)

Real Time Forex & Gold Charts                
Real Time Forex Web Charts for EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, Gold, Silver

HK Stock Quote (Closing price)                      
Closing price quote for hong kong stocks. (Available after market hour only)

恆指成份股對恒生指數影響    /    國企成份股
Real time stock quote on 恆指/國企成份股, the only one free real time stock quote page.(only for 成份股 tho)

Real Time Hang Seng Index / CEI quote (1)   (popup a new window)         
modified from pru stock quote for viewing real time hang seng index and CEI only, auto refresh every 5 minutes

Real Time Hang Seng Index / Future and CEI chart (2)
Free real time Hang Seng index and future chart by aastocks.com, requires manual refresh.

DOW, Nasdaq, SP500 index quote  
Graphical quote of US indexes including DJIA, NASDAQ, SP500 by BigCharts.com. Manual refresh to update.(About 1 hour delay)

Watch your stocks and shares Real-time with ADVFN ADVFN - Real time index and stock quote Monitor         
The best free real time index quote website I've seen so far. Provides Free Real Time world index, forex, ADR, stock quote (20min delay). You can even customize the view list yourself. Strongly recommended.

hantec group 亨達
Free Real Time currency quote and Gold price quoting, requires login (free registration)

Free Real Time chart on crude oil, Hang Seng Index (HSI), Nikki, DAX, UKX, DOW...
Newly added chart for Gold.

SHKOnline world index
恆指分類指數 & World Index. Updated on real time.

HSBA.L quote
英國匯豐 HSBA.L quote from finance.yahoo.com (delayed quote)

ADR Stock Quote                       
ADR price quote, with price difference from HK market close.(1 hour delayed quote)

US Stock Quote and ADR quote (Yahoo)           
US stock quote, and ADR stock quote provided by Yahoo! finance, with news and intraday charts (15 min delay)

ADR quote for (#5)   (#941)   (#2628)
ADR price quote for HK stocks from money.cnn.com (delayed quote)

ADR quote & search
ADR price quote for HK stocks from boom.com, you can enter a HK stock code and search for its ADR code (delayed quote)

Live Gold price
A very good live Chart of spot gold price, updated every minute (need to click refresh yourself)
For more Gold resource links, please go to the Gold section

Changes of Open Interest in Hang Seng Futures(HSF), indicate the buying trend of big accounts / small investers. Updated daily !

未平倉期權分佈 Index Option Disturbution                
Disturbution of Index Option for HSI, HHI. An indictate the buying trend of big accounts. Updated daily

HKEx news 披露易                
所有上市公司的公告, 及 IPO 配發結果

CyberQuote 輝立交易場, 少有會提供 IPO 暗盤價的免費報價系統

公司活動 / 市場資訊                
Provide Information about 公司業績, 派息日期...etc (HSBC)

Another site which provides information on 派息日期 (etnet)

Useful links for stock and index review

Hang Seng Future investment strategy. He provides 支持 and 阻力位 for reference. Updated about 3-4 times a day.

信誠證券 - 劉兆祥專欄         
Personally I like his review very much. Updated everyday after market close at around 6pm

There are several articles about market review everyday. Have 黃瑋傑's weekly review every Friday.

石鏡泉's daily market review

Warrant Call / Put Ratio         
Check the warrant call / put ratio everyday. A Guide for the market trend.

HKEX Daily future/option report   (Today)          
Check the Open Interest, net changes for HSI, CEI futures and options from hkex. Updated everyday.

Hang Seng Index Constituent Stocks (恆指成份股列表) / China Enterprise Index (國企成份股)
A list of 36 Hang Seng Index Constituent Stocks, and China Enterprise Index stocks, with their rough 市值 and company website.



Stock related Newsgroups and forums
My recommended list of newsgroups and forums about stock and investment.

Books and Articles on stocks & investment
Online articles and ebook which teaches about investment, includes [富爸爸,窮爸爸] and [股市技術分析].

投資精華文章 Investment articles          
Great articles about stock and investment

Useful tools for stock, index and options

Warrant Calculator 窩輪計算機
This is a warrant calculator by 法興. You can estimate the approximated price of your warrant at a particular date. Useful for warrant traders.

Option profit calculator 期權賺賠表   (v2)   (v3)
This is a option profit calculator I have collected from newsgroup. They are excel files and there are 3 different variants so far. All of them show a nice chart of option profits.

Option Calculator
This is a option calculator from www.cyberquote.com.hk. You can use it to calculate option price of Hong Kong stocks.

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