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Here is a collection of financal news about stock market, futures, options & reviews. Also includes some RSS feeds about other news source for your reference. The news is chinese. You can check the english world finance news from CNN.

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Daily Finance News (所有本地財經新聞) / English finance news

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Useful links for finance news

ETNet News headlines
經濟通新聞 - a good collection of hong kong stock news

Yahoo! 財經新聞 RSS Feed
Provides news feeds for all major newspaper in HK, including 東方日報, 明報, 星島日報, 太陽報...etc. This is the article source of the above news.

CNN / Money: RSS
Provides finance related news feeds from money.cnn.com. I would recommend you to subscribe the "Markets" feed.

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If you have any useful RSS news feed or links, you are welcome to tell me about that.
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